The safety and efficacy of this agent(s), or use in this setting, has not been established or is subject to confirmation. For an agent(s) whose safety and efficacy has not been established or confirmed, future regulatory approval or commercial availability is not guaranteed.

PF-08046050, SGN-CEACAM5C

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PF-08046050, SGN-CEACAM5C

PF-08046050, SGN-CEACAM5C is an investigational compound. Its safety and efficacy have not been established.

Overview + Rationale

  • A member of the CEACAM sub-group family of glycoproteins involved in cell adhesion.1 
  • Highly expressed in several tumors of epithelial origin such as CRC, PDAC, GC, and NSCLC.
  • Normally expressed during fetal development but stops before birth and is restricted in adults.1,2 
  • CEACAM5C is an investigational antibody-drug conjugate, comprising a monoclonal antibody directed to CEACAM5 and a novel TOP1 inhibitor linker-payload system, which enables preferential release of a potent topoisomerase 1 inhibitor within target cells.3 
  • CEACAM5C is under investigation in advanced solid tumors.4

Mechanism of Action

Proposed Mechanism of Action of a CEACAM5-Directed, Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate with Novel Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitor Payload

Stage of Development

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Advanced Solid Tumors
Phase 1 Monotherapy