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Integrin alpha-V/beta-8 Antagonist

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Integrin alpha-V/beta-8 Antagonist

PF-06940434 is an investigational compound. Its safety and efficacy have not been established.

Overview + Rationale

  • Integrins are cell-surface adhesion molecules that mediate cell–cell, cell–extracellular matrix, and cell–pathogen interactions. In mammals, 24 different integrins are formed by specific, noncovalent association of 18 α-subunits with 8 β-subunits
  • Integrins αVβ6 and αVβ8 are specialized for binding to and releasing TGF-β from its surrounding LAP prodomain, thereby activating it 
  • In many solid tumors, the immunosuppressive TGF-β pathway is associated with poor prognosis. TGF-β is thought to promote tumor development via proliferation, immune cell exclusion and inhibition of function and suppressive immune cell differentiation 
  • Recent studies suggest that increased TGF-β activity in tumor stroma is thought to prevent tumor penetration by cytotoxic CD8+ T cells and may prevent response to PD-L1 inhibitors 
  • Integrin αvβ8–expressing tumor cells thus evade host immunity by regulating TGF-β activation in immune cells and could be a potential oncology target 
  • PF-06940434 is an antagonist of integrin alpha-V/beta-8 (αvβ8)

Mechanism of Action

By blocking integrin aVβ8, in preclinical studies, PF-06940434 inhibited the release of active TGFβ1 & 3 into the tumor microenvironment

Stage of Development

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Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors
Phase 1 Monotherapy and Combination*