The safety and efficacy of this agent(s), or use in this setting, has not been established or is subject to confirmation. For an agent(s) whose safety and efficacy has not been established or confirmed, future regulatory approval or commercial availability is not guaranteed.

Disitamab vedotin

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Disitamab vedotin

Disitamab vedotin is an investigational compound. Its safety and efficacy have not been established.

Overview + Rationale

  • Disitamab vedotin (DV) is an investigational antibody-drug conjugate that contains 3 components: a recombinant, humanized, high affinity IgG1 monoclonal antibody directed to human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2), a microtubule-disrupting agent MMAE (monomethyl auristatin E), and a protease-cleavable mc-vc (maleimidocaproyl-valine citrulline) linker that covalently attaches MMAE to the antibody, which enables preferential release of MMAE within target cells 
  • DV binds to a distinct epitope on subdomain IV of the HER2 extracellular domain1,4 
  • HER2 is a receptor tyrosine kinase2 that is overexpressed or amplified in multiple cancers, including breast, bladder, gastroesophageal, colorectal, ovarian, and lung3 
  • DV is optimized for enhanced internalization and delivery of cytotoxic MMAE to target cells 

    Partner: RemeGen Co. Ltd.

Mechanism of Action

Stage of Development

Disitimab vedotin is being investigated in the tumor types shown below. Safety and efficacy for the uses listed below have not been established.

Small icon representing GU Cancer
Urothelial Cancer with HER2 Expression
Phase 2 Monotherapy and Combination

Phase 3 Combination
small icon representing Other/Multiple Cancer Types
Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors with HER2 Expression (previously treated)
Phase 2 Monotherapy
small icon representing breast cancer
HER2+ Breast Cancer with HER2 Expression
Phase 1
small icon representing GI Cancer
GI Cancers with HER2 Expression
Phase 1