The safety and efficacy of this agent(s), or use in this setting, has not been established or is subject to confirmation. For an agent(s) whose safety and efficacy has not been established or confirmed, future regulatory approval or commercial availability is not guaranteed.

CD30-directed Antibody-Tripeptide MMAE Conjugate

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CD30-directed Antibody-Tripeptide MMAE Conjugate

PF-08046045, SGN-35T is an investigational compound. Its safety and efficacy have not been established

Overview + Rationale

  • PF-08046045; SGN-35T is a CD30-directed ADC with the same mAb backbone and cytotoxic monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE) payload as BV and utilizes the novel cleavable tripeptide linker. 
  • CD30 is expressed in many B- and T-cell lymphomas while having limited expression in normal tissue2

Mechanism of Action

Stage of Development

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Phase 1